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  • FlexiFortune Annuity Plan

    With FlexiFortune Annuity Plan, you will enjoy the financial confidence of knowing that your future goals will be empowered by a regular monthly income for up to 25 years. You will have the flexibility to start the monthly income in the next policy year after your plan is paid up or defer it to another time to suit your needs. The plan also comes with the added protection of a dementia care booster that provides an additional benefit of up to 100% of your guaranteed monthly income in case severe dementia is diagnosed.

    • Flexible financial planning

    • A stable income stream to support your goals

    • Flexibility to change the income start year

    • 2 annuity options to protect your loved ones

    • Dementia care booster for added peace of mind

    • Easy application process

    Please click on the link to see product leaflet for details.

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