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  • Check out the new ManuGrand Saver 2!

    Check out the new ManuGrand Saver 2!

    Offering you three different ways to accumulate wealth, ManuGrand Saver 2 gives you both the stability of a long-term savings plan and the flexibility to realize gains, plus the option to pass the wealth down the generations. No matter how far ahead you’re thinking, you can always move forward with confidence.

    • Three ways for potential long-term savings

    • Realization option to lock in potential gains

    • Flexible withdrawal options to suit your financial needs

    • Passing on your wealth to the future generations

    • Different options for paying your premiums

    The above does not form part of the policy and does not contain full terms of this product. You should read the policy provisions for the exact terms that apply to this product. You may have different insurance needs. Please contact me to see if the above product meets your needs.

    Please click on the link to see product leaflet for details.

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