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  • Manulife MPF intermediaries are ready to support you in managing your MPF easily

    To enable us to provide personalized MPF services more effectively, existing customers can choose to authorize Manulife to release your MPF account information to your MPF intermediary, including but not limited to: 

    - Details of account balance  

    - Contribution details  

    - Investment gains/losses 

    Simply submit an authorization request to allow your MPF intermediary knows more about your account, such that they can provide appropriate market information and updates in the future, as well as engage in further discussions and portfolio reviews! 

    Login now to Customer Website or mobile app to submit your authorization request! 

  • Learn more about features of different constituent fund types

    How can you choose MPF funds? 

    When employee enrolling into a MPF scheme, they need to set up their own MPF investment portfolio. Yet, how to make choices among different types of funds of a MPF scheme?

    You need to learn more about features of different constituent funds before you designing an investment portfolio that suits your own needs!

    MPF is a long-term investment which requires regular review and adjustment against different life stages and economic cycles.

    Click this video link to learn more!

  • Welcome new employee member- better manage your MPF

    Welcome to the Manulife MPF family! 

    Looking for ways to manage your MPF properly? Start your MPF journey with below 3 simple steps!

    1. Contact the designated MPF intermediary of your company

    Initially, you may have struggle when handling your MPF account(s). Being your designated MPF intermediary, feel free to contact me, and learn more about the services provided by Manulife.

    2. Consolidate personal account

    To manage your retirement investment more efficiently, you may consolidate your MPF account(s) derived from your previous employment to one single personal account to make management even more simple and convenient.

    3. Register online account

    Register your online account via Manulife Customer Website or Manulife HK Mobile App and you will be able to manage your MPF accounts with ease anywhere, anytime.

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  • Employment Termination - How to handle MPF when employee terminate their employment?

    When change job, how to handle MPF? 

    You can keep the accrued benefits from your previous employment in a personal account under existing MPF scheme. Choose a trustee with sound experience and position which offer you well-recognized services, you can manage your MPF accounts with ease. Besides, you may also transfer to any other MPF scheme you preferred.

    Consolidate personal account

    You may also consider consolidating other MPF personal account(s) to one single personal account to make management even more simple and convenient.

    Manulife’s professional intermediary is committed to providing you help for a smooth transition period, contact us now!

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  • "MPF exclusive offers " is now available on the “Manulife HK” Mobile app!

    From now on, MPF members can browse and e- redeem our exclusive MPF offers to members through the “Manulife HK” Mobile app anytime, anywhere.

    Download the “Manulife HK” Mobile app and register your account, you can now to manage your accounts faster and easier than ever.

  • Introducing the All-New "Fund price" page

    Manulife has launched an all-new "Fund price" page to help you better understand different investment choice / fund performance.

    1. Responsive design 

    The interface adapts to different screen sizes including computers, tablets and smartphones. You can easily check the price of investment choice / fund and information anytime, anywhere.

    2. An all-new interface with searching and filtering functions

    Clearly shows the latest price and performance of investment choice / fund with searching and filtering functions to help you quickly obtain the information you need.

    3. Enhanced comparison function for investment choice / fund

    To let you analyze or compare the charts and data of up to 5 investment choices / funds in one go.

    4. A more comprehensive investment choice / fund details page

    To give you more detailed information such as top holdings of underlying fund / investment choice* and portfolio allocation#.

    *Top holdings of underlying fund / investment choice (Applicable to specific investment-linked assurance schemes)

    #Portfolio allocation (Applicable to MPF and ORSO schemes)

  • Manulife MPF account management page and mobile app adding new functions

    With your needs in mind, we have added the following new functions to the MPF account management page of Manulife customer website and the Manulife HK Mobile App, so as to bring you an even better MPF management experience!

    1. Contribution/asset transfer-in record - Brand new “filter” function

    - Helps you better understand the status of your account by enabling you to filter the records of your contributions/transferred-in assets allocated in the past 24 months

    2. e-Statement/ e-Notice - Clean and neat layout

    - The new layout allows you to easily view all e-Statements and e-Notices under your every MPF account at a glance.

    3. More functions simultaneously added to the “Manulife HK’ Mobile App 

    - Opt for and check MPF e-Statements/ e-Notices and update your contact information right away anywhere, anytime.

  • Introducing the All-New MPF Management Portal

    Manulife has launched an all-new MPF account management section in customer website. With a more easy-to-use interface and your portfolio at a glance, managing your account has never been simpler.

    The new ‘biometric authentication’* function has also landed on the mobile app for even smoother login!

    *including ‘face recognition’ and ‘fingerprint authentication’

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